Find Missing Persons Underwater. Faster.

Aquaeye handheld sonar
Fast. Safe. Efficient.

Water rescue is high-risk!

Handheld AquaEye® should be the first thing in the water.

Capable of searching 1 acre of water in under 2 minutes. AquaEye’s sonar and Artificial Intelligence keeps your team out of the water, and helps search faster and with fewer resources.

Improve Your Team’s Water Rescue Response

Traditional Search: Typical ‘grid-type’ searches take many searchers, and as long as 4 hours.

Traditional Search

Search Pattern

  • E4 hours to find target
  • ERequires water entry
  • EHigh-risk
  • EPositive outcome unlikely
  • EResource intensive

AquaEye Search: With AquaEye, 1 -2 people can execute a successful search in under 2 minutes!

Aquaeye search

AquaEye® Scan

  • E2 minutes to find target
  • ECompleted from shore, boat or dock
  • ELow-risk
  • EImproved rescue outcome
  • EResource constraints relief

AquaEye® Pricing

North America’s Leading Safety Technology Company Behind AquaEye®, VodaSafe, Closes $1.4M

AquaEye & Case


*Plus applicable taxes

Performance Guarantee

All purchases include a performance guarantee so you can evaluate how AquaEye will perform in your environment. We are confident that AquaEye® will meet your team’s water rescue and recovery requirements. Our Performance Guarantee provides you with an evaluation & training period prior to a final purchase. If AquaEye does not perform as promised you can simply return the AquaEye unit.

See AquaEye in Action

Watch AquaEye® in a real-world setting as the user locates a hidden diver sitting on the bottom of a lake. Using a free diver (with a safety diver) so there are no bubbles to act as clues, the diver was instructed to hide for 1 minute. Our user is able to enter the water, complete the scan and determine the location of the missing human in less than 1 minute.

What Your Peers Say!

October 27, 2021


Steven Byers

Fire Chief, Public Safety Diver, Boonville Indiana Fire Department

Kenny Pratt

Assitant Chief/Rescue Squad Diver, Marshall County Rescue Squad

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