Service Desk

Let’s get the details on how and when to service your unit

Service Plans

An annual maintenance servicing and firmware upgrade subscription for your AquaEye

What’s Included in an AquaEye Purchase

Welcome to Team AquaEye – thank you for your purchase, and we are happy to have you on board.  The unit is packaged in a NANUK hardcase for convenient transport and protection, in addition to the Charging Dock and Charging Cable accessories.  

To ensure your success with AquaEye, virtual one on one training sessions and dedicated onboarding support are also included with purchase of a unit.   

All units are eligible under warranty for one year.  

What’s Included in an AquaEye Service Plan

Service Plans (formerly called Maintenance Agreements) include yearly maintenance services and upgrading of your AquaEye firmware to ensure its most optimal performance. The process is completed in-house by our technicians, with no additional costs. 
While your unit is in transit and being serviced, VodaSafe will provide a temporary Loaner Unit  – as required, upon request – to act as substitution so as not to disrupt the operations of search and rescue functions.  
Transportation and shipping costs are covered.   

2-Service Plan

  • $995
  • 2 annual servicings
  • 3 years of certified performance
2 Service Timeline

4-Service Plan

  • $1595
  • 4 annual servicings
  • 5 years of certified performance
4 Service Timeline

Quick Process Overview

Through the purchase of a Service Plan, regular maintenance of your AquaEye and dedicated customer support are at your fingertips. We offer a loaner AquaEye while yours is being serviced if needed, so that you are not without an AquaEye for any length of time. 

1. Please fill out the form for servicing below – once completed, a member of our team will reach out to send you a loaner AquaEye if requested. 
2. Once the loaner is received (if required), please await prepaid shipping label/further instruction and ship your unit to us for servicing. 
3. Once your unit arrives to us at HQ, it will go into queue to be serviced – please await next steps and instruction from our team. 
4. We will arrange shipment of your unit back with servicing report once completed. 
5. Once you have received and packed up the loaner unit, please contact to ship the loaner to the next team. 

Please note: If more than one AquaEye is owned, it is recommended to send all units back for servicing together, to be completed in one rotation. If a Loaner Unit is required, one Loaner Unit total will be issued per customer  (ie. If there are three units, please ship all 3 units back to us to be completed for servicing. One Loaner Unit will be issued.)

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Service Plans, please reach out to  

Servicing Details

If you have not purchased a Service Plan and would like to, please contact a member of our Sales and Product Expert team for more information here  
If you choose not to proceed with the specific rotation of Service Plan , please kindly let us know.  

If we do not receive a response after a week to two weeks from initial contact, your servicing will be rescheduled with respect to the schedule and times.


If you have purchased a Service Plan (formerly called Maintenance Agreement), you may choose to Opt Out of Servicing for either 1 year or Permanently.    

Please note that Service Plans are NON-REFUNDABLE when paid out in full.  
If you choose to reinstate your Service Plan after Opting Out, submit a request to us at hereTerms of reinstatement do not include penalties, however any services missed cannot be rescheduled to their date on the schedule when cancelled, and will be resubmitted back into our Service Queue.