Reviews and Testimonials

December 12, 2020

We were conducting a search for a missing person underneath the ice in Saskatchewan, and AquaEye was an extremely valuable tool. After drilling a hole we were able to scan the lake underneath the ice and determine areas of interest. AquaEye indicates the direction and distance, so we were able to move to the spot it indicated, drill another hole and the object of interest was right there. AquaEye was extremely accurate. This enabled us to search large areas in a short amount of time.

Brendan Miller

October 15, 2020

We purchased AquaEye® and it did just as it said it would do. When we went out and tested it, we then knew where our people were, where our divers in the water were, and we even had a dummy in the water. Everything registered with an X, meaning that it should be a human, and of course it was. We didn’t just do that once; we have been out multiple times with our fire department and then last Saturday AquaEye was part of an inter-agency water rescue exercise. We had 9 agencies and 45 people involved with 9 watercraft. AquaEye worked as advertised and as it should. We are very impressed, but not looking forward to the day we must use it for real. When that does happen we are very comfortable that we should be able to locate someone fairly quickly.

Kevin Swanson

Fire Chief, Brooks Fire Department

July 3, 2020

AquaEye® was able to quickly locate the victim in what was a difficult search environment. It brought closure to a family much sooner than traditional methods of recovery, and by shortening the search timeline, the device also reduced the time that rescuers were in the danger zone of the pier pylons.

Mirek Dabrowski

Director, Duck Surf Rescue

December 8, 2020

The team scanned the swim course with AquaEye prior to the event to identify any pre-existing targets in the event we lost a swimmer during the race. Having AquaEye on site definitely gave me peace of mind in the off chance we had to search for a missing athlete. I knew we would find them quickly.


AJ Miller

Water Operations, Fetch Water Sports & Safety

July 13, 2020

I see applications for AquaEye® in recovery operations and have recommended the product to police dive teams across the country. With ease of use and ease of care, AquaEye is very user friendly and requires little training.

Jay White

Instructor/Trainer, RCMP National Underwater Recovery Training Centre

June 7, 2019

In 2008 we lost my oldest son to a drowning / boat accident. It took 29 days to recover his body. In 2009 we started The BMF Project to honor our son and to try to ensure no other family had to go through what we did, especially because of lack of equipment. The BMF Project is excited at the possibilities presented by the AquaEye®.

The ease of deployment and use makes it ideal for open water swimming areas. We have trained with the AquaEye with multiple police, fire, and SAR agencies in North Texas, the opportunities to use it in a rescue versus a recovery have become apparent. We have even used it in a recovery situation in which we were able to help bring closure to a family in a matter of minutes. In our opinion, the AquaEye will not only help many families but also keep those willing to sacrifice themselves to help bring our loved one’s home, safer.

Mike Fugate

Founder, The BMF Project

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