VodaSafe is committed to supplying water rescuers with the best possible tools.

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The Lifesaving Society is pleased to partner with VodaSafe Inc. in its efforts to create AquaEye®. The Lifesaving Society has provided support and resources during the research and development phase and is pleased to become a distributor of AquaEye®. The Lifesaving Society, through its online store, provides a comprehensive selection of equipment and supplies required to operate safe aquatic facilities and training programs – all guided by 100 years of knowledge and experience as the lifeguarding experts.

Barrier Waterman LLC is proud to partner with Vodasafe Inc. – the developers of AquaEye®  – and the Lifesaving Society Ontario. Barrier Waterman LLC is a distributor for AquaEye® in the USA and is devoted to putting AquaEye® into the hands of as many rescuers as possible to minimize the amount of trauma not only to the family but the rescuers alike. Barrier Waterman LLC has formed a team of salespersons and industry experts to provide a wealth of information with regards to water rescue and recovery. In water rescue every second counts. They are committed to the goal of making the difficult process of water rescue & recovery as simple and effective as possible, while reducing the need for costly additional resources. 

Rescue Canada uses research based and industry leading curriculum, providing the highest standard of training. 

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As with any new technology, the value of feedback from clients is inestimable. For this reason, professionals who work in water rescue, and who are curious about AquaEye®, are invited to contact VodaSafe to find out more. We simply ask that users provide us feedback and tell us whether our product could be better adapted to their needs.

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