handheld scanner, sonar equipment

The AquaEye™ will change the way you perform water rescues.

What it does

The AquaEye™ handheld scanner enables rescuers to quickly access a scene and identify potential victims within seconds of entering the water. The AquaEye™ acts fast, requires only one rescuer, and covers more ground in less time.


The AquaEye™ is designed to survive in real-world conditions. Rescuers operate in all weather and in unpredictable environments and their equipment must do the same. The AquaEye™ scanner quality is robust, waterproof, can withstand salt and sand, and is built to sustain impact.

Portability of our Handheld Scanner

In waterfront rescue, every second counts, which is why the AquaEye™ is designed for grab and go. It will remain fully charged while on its charging dock and once removed will operate continuously for 4 hours before requiring recharging.

Data Capture and Storage

The AquaEye™ will record all rescue data and connect via Bluetooth to any identified device. Data can then be reviewed and analyzed to help your lifesaving and rescue teams improve their rescue methods, while ensuring the most effective execution of these methods for liability purposes.

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