AquaEye Training

AquaEye Training is designed and led by a team of veteran U.S. Navy Master Divers   

The AquaEye Training Program consists of 8 modules designed to provide AquaEye users with the knowledge, and hands-on experience necessary to understand AquaEye, its component functions, operating parameters, and basic employment of this valuable search and rescue tool.

The training program is available in two formats:  Online and In-Person.  

About  AquaEye’s Training Team

Your team will receive a Course of Instruction taught by former U.S. Navy Master Divers with over 30 years of real-world diving/maritime operational experience, dive program management, safety and risk mitigation, and training program development & oversight for your team to leverage.

Each instructor is a certified Master Training Specialist (MI’S) qualified to dive, teach, and supervise SCUBA, Re-Breathers, Surface-Supplied air and mixed-gas diving, saturation diving, and Hyperbaric Chamber operations.

Our Training partners are a Veteran Owned and Operated Business.

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Online Course 

An 8-Module, online self-paced online course designed and taught by our experienced training team.  Following the successful completion of all 8 modules, the students will be awarded a Certificate of Completion.  Job sheets (in-field training guides) are provided to all students at the end of the online course to ensure your field training matches the online curriculum.     

Cost:  Included with AquaEye Purchase

In-Person 2-Day Course 

Day 1: 4 hours of classroom instruction followed by 4+ hours of in-water, basic level training (outline above)

Day 2:  8+ hours of in-water training with more advanced concepts and tactics:

    • Use and employment in your operating environment
    • Echo Map data interpretation
    • Department Operating Procedure(s) and efficient employment of resources for increased safety
    • Continuous AquaEye training and implementation. CCG helps you develop a recurring training plan and curriculum to make your team safer and more efficient – based on training plans used by Navy Divers and SEALS.

Cost: Please contact us for a quote