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See what rescue and recovery professionals are saying about AquaEye

  Dec 4, 2023

Our search and rescue team put in the AquaEye, which is basically a small scan sonar device where they can look at objects in the water to see if something bears additional investigation. They saw something that they felt did, they put divers in the water and recovered them.OaklandCountySheriff

Michael Bouchard

Sheriff, Oakland County Sheriff

  Nov 22, 2023

Baltimore City - AquaEye

Jerry Smith Jr

Firefighter, Diver, Baltimore City Fire Department

  Dec 13, 2023

AquaEye enables us to scan underneath the ice and determine exactly where the victim is beneath the surface of the ice. Then we can investigate the targets that AquaEye has identified and shorten our search times and reduce our dive time. The most important thing we can do is resolve the search for the family, and by doing it quickly we are doing it as safely as we can.

Wings of Hope - AquaEye

Brad Smith

Founder, Former Firefighter and EMS, Wings of Hope

  Nov 30, 2023

AquaEye is a great tool. We had a particularly dangerous dive site when searching for someone who went over a bridge in the river this year. There were currents, pilings and rusted sharp metal in the black water environment. We sent in 3 divers on rotation and none of them were able to locate the victim. We had a boat running side scan and it didn’t locate the victim either. We put AquaEye in the water and got an X on the first scan. We then deployed the 4th diver on a boat to the spot AquaEye indicated as an X and the diver dropped down. The victim was right there. AquaEye hit it right on the head. It was perfect. 

We pull AquaEye out early on a search now, AquaEye has proven to reduce dive time and the safety of my divers is the most important thing.

Boston FD AquaEye

Kenneth Marrero

Dive Master, Boston Fire Department Dive Team

  Dec 13, 2023

AquaEye has definitely been a game-changer for us. We utilize it on every one of our searches; it’s in our standard operations, it’s the first thing that we use, especially in water recoveries because it’s so quick. You can deploy it right away; you don’t have to wait to set up a boat; you don’t have to wait to set up a sonar. Especially up here, where cold water drownings, you have the golden hour of the chance of recovery; it’s been such a game-changer for us. 

We talk about cost-effectiveness. When you’re deploying an $80,000 towfish system, and it takes time to set the system up and you have to have training and someone that’s very familiar with how to read it. AquaEye is very user-friendly. I mean, anyone can pretty much use it; it’s such a game-changer. I can take Joe and show him one time how to use it and send him out there and feel comfortable that they’re going to be able to mark targets of interest. And we’ve done that; showing up on scene, we go show first responders one time on how to use it, and they’ve been very vital in utilizing it, and we had great success with doing recoveries. So it’s very user-friendly, and when you’re looking for a towfish, it’s a lot, a lot cheaper and a lot more user-friendly. 

Wings of Hope - AquaEye

Brad Smith

Founder, Former Firefighter and EMS, Wings of Hope

  Dec 11, 2023

I had a chance to play with AquaEye in Maine during Rescue Swimmer TTT and it was an extremely helpful tool. I highly recommend this to significantly reduce search times. 

Troy Wilson

Rescue Swimmer, SPRAT 3/IRATA 2 Instructor

  Nov 22, 2023

We now have acquired two AquaEyes, which will save personnel time and fatigue during underwater searches, particularly when compared to conventional search methods in certain incidents.

Below-the-surface searches for victims are not frequent, luckily; it is a difficult and complex incident. [Use of the AquaEye] is going to add efficiency to searches for victims below the surface of the water. It is also going to speed up the time and … [help] the people it takes to conduct those searches.

San Diego AquaEye

Colin Stowell

Fire Chief, San Diego Fire-Rescue

  Nov 22, 2023

Some people may think it’s easy to find someone underwater, but it is not. Conditions, visibility, depth, all are factors, so having this device will help us speed the process along. … It can scan the area for a possible target and then we send the divers down to that location to check it out. It can detect body tissue and objects as well.

Being able to break down those areas quickly … is the task and goal of this device. Usually how we operate is we interview the reporting party that saw someone go down. If they have a general idea, [we will] place a buoy as a marker and start our search pattern and search area from that spot. Sometimes [the search areas] are small, sometimes they are huge. That’s where this comes in. In a giant area, it will scan the area quickly … until we locate the person.

San Diego Lifeguards - AquaEye

Rick Romero

Lieutenant, Dive Team Leader, San Diego Lifeguard Fire-Rescue

  Nov 10, 2023

This is a tremendous device that we can now use – without putting people at risk – to identify the location of a victim, so that we can perform a rescue or recovery.

As a firefighter, AquaEye is where thermal imaging was fifteen years ago. Right now every fire department is using thermal imaging. AquaEye does the same thing but for underwater. It’s perfect for fire rescue and other first responders.

Lifesaving Resources

Gerald Dworkin

Water Rescue Technical Consultant, Firefighter, AquaEye Ambassador, Lifesaving Resources, Kennebunkport FD, Kennebunkport EMS

  Oct 23, 2023

Using AquaEye we were able to recover the victim. Without using it I don’t believe we would have found her anytime soon. 

Very limited visibility and high currents – it’s a very dangerous place to dive if you’re not prepared. AquaEye made the danger as limited as possible by having us dive on one target instead of continuously searching for something in such bad conditions.

Without AquaEye I am not sure we would have found her in the time frame we did, and we would have continued searching for multiple days.

Colleton County AquaEye

Alexander Koontz

Captain, Colleton County Fire Rescue

  Oct 9, 2023

We put our AquaEye from VodaSafe into service last weekend. 

We can search and assess a large search area of up to 8000 square meters of water in less than 5 minutes.

AquaEye uses AI to detect echoes of human bodies and display the location of potential victims on the screen. 

Accelerated search with AquaEye reduces the time rescue teams spend in the water. This leads to more targeted locations and optimized resource utilization, which is invaluable in emergency situations.

Translated from DLRG


DLRG OG Aurich


  Sep 21, 2023

AquaEye is a great product. We got some time to live demo AquaEye today. My shift asked, ‘Why don’t we have these?’. Hopefully we can secure the grant to make this purchase. 


Ryan Wendt

Fire Lieutenant, South Milwaukee Fire Department

  Sep 29, 2023

We would love to save people, but a lot of times when we get involved, it’s a recovery. But I’ll tell you what a recovery is able to do. It is able to provide closure for families. And that’s what AquaEye was able to help us accomplish, with this particular mission. We scanned and found somone using the smart sonar system of AquaEye, and with that we were able to diminish divers in the water, we were able to keep everyone topside and keep everyone safe. 

We’ve incorporated AquaEye into our SOPs. With black water, AquaEye allows us to find potential dive targets before we even send a diver down, before we put individuals in harms way. 


Zac Hatton

Officer, Public Safety Diver, Tarrant Regional Water District

Sep 2, 2023

Artificial intelligence is undoubtedly the dominant topic of our time, and it has left hardly any area of life untouched. Until recently, my relationship with AI systems was mainly professional. But last week, I got the opportunity to meet my very own personal game-changer:

I work on a voluntary basis as head of operations in the North Rhine regional association of the DLRG. Our area of operation includes rivers and lakes and over 60 bathing waters in the administrative districts of Cologne and Düsseldorf. Searching for missing persons in the water is one of our most challenging tasks, especially during the summer rush when operations on the Rhine pile up.

This is where AquaEye comes into play, an innovative handheld sonar device that enables the localization of missing persons in the water in the shortest possible time. The special feature: AquaEye uses artificial intelligence to analyze sonar images. This saves precious time in critical situations.

The use of sonar to search for missing persons is nothing new in itself. But evaluating these sonar images usually requires a lot of practice and experience. With AquaEye, the AI takes over this task. It marks potential suspicious spots so that water rescuers can proceed in a more targeted manner.

Together with our emergency divers and current rescuers, we have tested this device extensively under real conditions in lakes and in the Rhine.

The result: water areas that previously had to be searched by personnel could be scanned with the handheld sonar in just a few minutes. The divers and current rescuers were able to concentrate on the marked suspicious points.

This experience showed me once again how AI can not only improve the efficiency of our daily work, but can also save lives.

(Translated from German: source


Andreas Wagener

Head of Operations, North Rhine Regional Association of DLRG (Landesverband Nordrhein der DLRG)

Aug 28, 2023

With AquaEye, rescuers can identify victims for the first time within seconds of being submerged underwater. This change in tactics can also have a positive impact on the safety of our dive team. The fewer the dive team members entering the water, the safer our team will be.


Bob Mendham

Sheriff, Newaygo County Sheriff's Office

July 21st, 2023


Gerry Boylan

AquaEye Ambassador, Garden State Underwater Recovery Unit

August 18th, 2023

Daphne SAR

Joshua Gibbs

Captain and Sargent, Daphne SAR and Mobile Police Department

July 20, 2023

We have had our AquaEye for a year and a half and it is a very valuable tool. It is very quick to deploy and easy to use. Anyone on our team can use it with a bit of training; they don’t have to be a sonar expert.

We put AquaEye in the water first, scanning and identifying targets. The operator then directs the free diver to the targets that AquaEye has identified. This process is fast and efficient. We can get to a water rescue scene within minutes, and having the AquaEye that pinpoints the humans in the water extremely quickly gives us the best chance at a successful rescue.


Justin O'Connor

Captain, Ridgewood Fire Department, NJ

May 11, 2023

AquaEye, is kind of like a fish finder for people. If somebody goes under it’s very difficult to find them quickly. Time is really of the essence. We can scan underwater, to find a body, or to differentiate between a tree trunk or something like that. We actually used it last summer to find somebody and were able to do it quickly and that’s a process that historically would take a long time to find somebody. So any edge we can get is a good thing

Corbett Fire

Dave Selden

Lieutenant, Corbett Fire District #14

April 20, 2023

We have seen the success other teams have been having with AquaEye, and have brought it in as a rapid response tool for our water rescue program.

Our lake and beachfront gets extremely heavy use in the warmer months with hundreds of swimmers each day. Our water often has low visibility, and having a tool like AquaEye enables us to quickly locate a drowning victim to increase the chance of a successful rescue by our team.

We have been able to acquire this made-in-BC technology thanks to a generous donation from the Chilliwack Dogwood Monarch Lions Club and we are grateful for their impactful support. 

Cultus Lake Fire Department

Warren Mazuren

Chief, Cultus Lake Fire Department

March 22, 2023

Wow. This is a game changer for sure. Time underwater is critical, and to be able to cut that time down drastically is amazing. Not to mention that less time the dive team has to search is less time they are in a high risk situation. Great job guys. 

Landon VanValkenburg

Navy Diver

Feb 9, 2023

AquaEye should be on every rescue vehicle. To not have one is a missed opportunity on a very valuable resource. It is definitely worth the price, it is worth its weight in gold. If I were a millionaire I would put one on every rescue truck in Alabama.

We have had AquaEye for two years and in that time have used it in 15 missing person searches. We have located the victim using AquaEye in all 15 of those searches. It has been a game changer.

Alabama Rescue Squads

Jim Dennis

Captain, Childersburg Rescue Squad

Feb 9, 2023

As far as I’m concerned, AquaEye is a must have for any municipality with open water exposure. From retention ponds to lakes and the like, this amazing device differentiates between a human being as opposed to other structures and items in the water. It dramatically speeds up the searching element of the operation, which subsequently reduces the exposure to the divers.

Slinger 1

Troy Schmechel

Firefighter/Diver, Slinger FIre Department

Jan 4, 2023

I spent 30 years in the military as a deep sea diver and I can tell you unequivocally AquaEye works. In fact we have incorporated it into some Navy procedures. It absolutely does what its built to do, to discern whether objects on the bottom could be a human or not. 

Very effective sonar for search and rescue operations. 


Jon Klukas

Veteran Navy Master Diver, Copper Collar Group

Jan 18, 2023

We were involved with a water rescue/recovery involving a smaller body of water along a river which runs through a suburban municipality.  The missing party was witnessed to have submerged at an undetermined distance from shore.  Initial first responders had entered the water in an attempt to locate the party before the full capabilities of our county dive team had arrived.  The party was eventually located by a diver in roughly 12-15 feet of water, which had very limited visibility.

The call spun around in my head for weeks.  I thought, there must be something on the market that could have helped us locate them quicker.  I then began searching for something, in part, to give me peace of mind.  And there it was, the AquaEye!  I could not believe that it was checking off every single one of the boxes for what I knew would have helped on that call.

Our fire department purchased a unit in early 2022 and we have been practicing with it ever since.  We’ve demonstrated the unit to others repeatedly, even though we’ve had it less than a year.  Although we have been fortunate enough thus far to not have had the need to put it in play, we practice with it a lot.  Our county team believes in it so much that we are making every effort to obtain additional units to place them throughout our county.

Slinger 1

Troy Schmechel

Firefighter/Diver, Slinger FIre Department

Dec 14, 2022

Detector tools are needed to speed up the search for drowning victims. Therefore, I tried using an advanced tool called AquaEye.

The tool is similar to a flashlight at night, you can immediately see if it’s a human body in the water. It’s the result of innovation.

We use this tool to be able detect water anomalies. With this tool, it can detect which one is human

Currently, there are 130 AquaEye devices in Indonesia.  Last year we bought 50 units, now we added 80 units

This tool has been proven to find drowned people more quickly. So, we don’t need to wait three days for people to float and search for them. With this tool, when we look for a drowning person, they can be found right away. As in Jakarta, many times drowning victims have been found using this tool.


Air Marshal TNI Henri Alfiandi

Head of Basarnas, Republic of Indonesia

Nov 28, 2022

This summer we used AquaEye to quickly locate a missing swimmer in the Sandy River. AquaEye enabled us to quickly scan the river from the last seen point and locate the victim for rescue. Unfortunately for this rescue it was too late to save a life, but using this tool we have the potential to save lives. The sooner we can locate a victim in the water, the shorter our search is. A short search is a safer search as we keep our team out of the river, which is a dangerous place.

We purchased AquaEye after last summer where we had painful, challenging, extended searches for drowning victims that were hard on the families, resource intense, and physically exhausting. I would recommend AquaEye as a new tool to quickly search for missing people in the water, improving search times for a relatively small investment. 

We were recently awarded an Innovative Safety Award in large part due to our adoption of AquaEye and our lifejacket program. 

Corbett Fire

Rick Wunsch

Fire Chief, Corbett Fire District #14

October 24, 2022

I was part of recent training and this AquaEye was part of that. This uses AI to rapidly search areas and provides the highest probability from the sonar return of where an object might be located. It is kind of like a thermal imager that a firefighter would use in a smoke-filled fire. This is not thermal imaging, it is sonar, but it is comparable in how it scans. It is a very new tool for dive teams, and it creates efficiencies. Just getting a diver into the water can take an hour, but with this you can do so much and so quickly. It is really a great piece of technology

AquaEye can really shorten search times, and could potentially save lives. It can pin point any object, you can almost walk a diver to an object via our underwater communications. We can really save that long sweeping search and very quickly and safely search. And it is easy to use, very user friendly. We have been quite impressed with how it operated during training.



Michael Shove

Assistant Fire Chief , Guilford Fire

October 5, 2022

I normally don’t give endorsements on Facebook but I have to say that having “trained” with it twice now, I am impressed. It is a tool with a purpose. Not a do all.

The majority of our drownings are beach-related, and this seems to fit the bill. Rapid to the scene and able to give the divers an accurate target when no last seen point is available, or being able to confirm a last seen point.   

Keep an open mind and get it in your hands with the PROPER training. We have learned a lot our first couple of times out. Two in our county now and expect more within the year. 

Hartland Deerfield FD BW

Gregg Schkade

Chief, Livingston County Dive Team

Feb 16, 2022

We were blown away by what AquaEye could detect, it has been an absolute gamechanger. 

As a family going through tragedy, you always hold out hope that the missing person is going to come home. AquaEye has cut down our search in half, allowing us to bring closure to families much faster. Being able to put someone to rest and begin the healing process is worth more than all the money in the world.

Wings of Hope

Mike Smith

Wings and Hope Search and Rescue

August 11, 2022

The test and evaluation were completed at two locations.  The first was in a quarry with depths ranging from 20 – 135 feet.  The AquaEye performed very well at multiple depths and distances.  Dropped 3 divers at multiple locations and depths.  The AquaEye picked up all three divers, sometimes one as an anomaly.  When switching to the sonar imaging, it was clear the anomaly was a diver comparing to other map imaging and coloration.

Second location was in the Detroit River with 2-3 knot current.  Had divers lay in heavy underwater vegetation and it picked them up as a body.  Very impressed.

As with any piece of equipment, the more you utilize and train with it, the better the results.  By the end of the T&E, I was very comfortable with the operation and function of the AquaEye.

The team’s overall response was very pleased.  An incredible tool for low visibility and murky waters.  It also gives a better start point for searching when a last seen point was poor or unavailable.

Grosse Ile Police

Todd Brozek

Lieutenant, Grosse Ile Police Department / Downriver Mutual Aid Dive Team, Grosse Ile, MI

July 7, 2022

We received another call to assist with a recovery. The AquaEye was able to narrow it down for the dive team, quickly and efficiently. The AquaEye has made a huge change to things down here and how our county does water rescue. 

Thank you for all your help and we look forward to what the future of AquaEye holds.

Luke Bradley

Lieutenant, Liberty Township Fire Department Jackson, MI

November 12, 2021

PSDiver Magazine did a follow up to thier initial review of AquaEye. Below is an excerpt from that follow-up.


On arrival, one of them immediately went into the water with the AquaEye, while the other was suiting up. He had a probably target on AquaEye in approximately three minutes…

…Instead of 180 degree arc, they were able to reduce the search to a 15 degree arc each pass taking just a few kicks from the diver. The actual search area was reduced by at least 80 percent! 

…The victim was located on the fourth pass. From the time of arrival to location of the victim was only about 15 minutes. Total dive time, including initial investigation, was only 7 minutes.

Click here to access the PDF of the follow up review. 

Click here to access the PDF of the initial product review. 


PSDiver Magazine

November 3, 2021

I believe AquaEye is a tool that fills a gap in the existing technologies of underwater searches, that allows us to be more effective and also quicker at conducting underwater search efforts. 


Ephraim Nowak

Central Okanagan Search and Rescue (COSAR)

October 27, 2021


Steven Byers

Fire Chief, Public Safety Diver, Boonville Indiana Fire Department

October 7th, 2021

Camp Robin Hood

Andrea Van Horn

Waterfront Director, Camp Robin Hood

August 31st, 2021

In our local dive facility, we are looking to use AquaEye as a way to expedite the location of missing divers that could have dive injuries. By doing that we will deploy rescue divers to go down, and hopefully this turns into a response where we can save the diver versus a recovery. With the cold water, we have a timeframe where we could possibly save them.

Marshall County

Kenny Pratt

Assitant Chief/Rescue Squad Diver, Marshall County Rescue Squad

August 18th, 2021

Lyon County

Randy Wright

Emergency Manager, Lyon County, KY

July 21, 2021

I’ve personally tested AquaEye in all kinds of water. It has few limitations. Bottom line is it works great! The time, money, and liability this saves FAR outweighs the surprisingly small price tag! I’ve been diving since 1986 and a PSD since 2005.

Scott Johanson

Public Safety Diver

September 6, 2022

My name is Marcus Kern. I am the CEO of the water rescue service in Germany at the Bavarian Red Cross.

In August of this year we bought 10 AquaEye units from European distributor Vogt-CTE. We would like to introduce this device to the Bavarian water rescue service.

It is probably the most innovative invention in this area in this millennium.

Initial tests have shown that the device can be handed out to any lifeguard without extensive training, and probably works faster and more effectively than any lengthy and time-consuming search with divers.

This device will definitely save lives; I am 100% convinced of that.

We would be very happy to participate in any further developments / ideas. I am sure that further developments of this device and its establishment on the world market, will certainly lead to increasing sales figures, which will save lives in the end.

Our (first) ten devices will now be handed out throughout Bavaria over the next 12 months so that the individual units (just over 500) can familiarize themselves with the device and recognize its usefulness.

I really just wanted to express my appreciation – keep at it, keep going; I’m so fascinated that I can’t express it in words.

Yours sincerely from Germany / Bavaria. 

Wasser Wacht Logo

Marcus Kern

CEO, Water Rescue, Bavarian Red Cross

January 5, 2022

Seaside Heights Fire Department Ocean Rescue team has implemented AquaEye into our standard operations plan when responding to a submerged victim. A highly engineered amazing device which helps our rescue swimmers quickly locate a victim and increases the success of saving a life. The AquaEye can scan a large area in a quick manner with one first responder operating the unit. Every second counts in rescue and recovery. AquaEye gives us the opportunity to make that rescue and save a life.Seaside Heights

Tim Farrell

Battalion Chief, Seaside Heights Fire Rescue

November 3, 2021

AquaEye is a very important tool in our toolbox because we always look to maximize responder safety. Having a tool that we deploy from our flat water rescue boat or from kayaks while keeping our operators safe, and also allowing them to search large areas quickly and effectively; these are all benefits that AquaEye brings to our team. 


Ephraim Nowak

Central Okanagan Search and Rescue (COSAR)

October 22, 2021

 The device was quick to indicate the direction and distance of the divers under water, marking an X on the screen which was easily interpreted for the recovery location. Additionally, the echo map function provides a true sonar image reading with colors indicating obstacles and target shapes. Both functions have a purpose, and they add to the versatility of the tool.

Two weeks following the demo, we had a missing boater response at the Redondo Horseshoe Pier.  The search was precautionary for a low probability target, and the AquaEye was used to rule out a search area assigned to our team.  Our operator deployed by jumping off of the pier and then we lowered the AquaEye to him for the search.

County of LA FD


Cosmo Flynn

Captain Ocean Lifeguard, Marine Technical Search Team Manager, Los Angeles County Fire Department

October 4, 2021

I would highly recommend AquaEye for Public Safety Diving. It’s a device that we can quickly deploy that greatly increases the safety of our personnel. Ultimately our goal is to provide closure to the family of any victim that’s in the water and this is a tool that will help do that. Through the use of the Echo Map we’ve been locating vehicles underwater where traditional side scan sonar cannot be used, this is the tool that will do that, and so far we’ve had great success with AquaEye and I highly recommend it.


Steven Byers

Fire Chief, Public Safety Diver, Boonville Indiana Fire Department

August 31st, 2021

I’ve used it on two separate drownings, and both times it’s been able to pick up the person we are looking for. Clearly distinguishing the X for the body, which allows us to quickly locate the victim and bring them up. 

Marshall County

Kenny Pratt

Assitant Chief/Rescue Squad Diver, Marshall County Rescue Squad

August 31st, 2021

PSDiver Magazine did a product review on AquaEye, combining the experience of several Public Safety Divers into one product review. Click here to access the PDF of the product review. 


PSDiver Magazine

August 18th, 2021


Eric Camel

Fire Chief, Chesterton, IN

August 18th, 2021

I would recommend AquaEye because I think it’s going to be a game changer for water rescue. I believe that AquaEye is going to allow us to do a quick scan of the area, find the victim, retrieve them and perform lifesaving measures.


Eric Camel

Fire Chief, Chesterton Fire Department

July 2, 2021

In addition to our current drowning prevention operating guidelines, we now have lifeguards perform AquaEye scans at the start and end of all swimming activities to confirm all are accounted for and safely out of the water.


Rachel Morgan

Summer Director, Camp Farwell

April 19, 2021

AquaEye is absolutely amazing! I’ve taken it to a few spots where we have had rescues and recoveries. One particular location we spent almost two hours searching on a previous recovery and with AquaEye I was able to locate in the matter of minutes.

Heber 1

Devin Redding

Dive Team, Heber Springs Fire Department

March 24, 2021

AquaEye is an entirely new tool in the drowning search toolbox. It allows large areas to be scanned quickly and effectively, even at night or in murky/tannin coloured water, where other means of searching will be ineffective. Due to it’s built-in AI software, it allows anyone with little to no experience in analyzing sonar imagery to still be highly effective at searching.


Ephraim Nowak

Central Okanagan Search and Rescue (COSAR)

February 14, 2021

Before we would use a type of sonar, almost like a fish finder sonar, and it’s not as accurate and it takes a long time to search an area. AquaEye allows us to get to an area where we think a victim is and narrow down that search area really very rapidly.


Trevor Honigman

Search Manager, Vernon Search and Rescue

December 12, 2020

We were conducting a search for a missing person underneath the ice in Saskatchewan, and AquaEye was an extremely valuable tool. After drilling a hole we were able to scan the lake underneath the ice and determine areas of interest. AquaEye indicates the direction and distance, so we were able to move to the spot it indicated, drill another hole and the object of interest was right there. AquaEye was extremely accurate. This enabled us to search large areas in a short amount of time.

Brendan Miller

October 15, 2020

We purchased AquaEye® and it did just as it said it would do. When we went out and tested it, we then knew where our people were, where our divers in the water were, and we even had a dummy in the water. Everything registered with an X, meaning that it should be a human, and of course it was. We didn’t just do that once; we have been out multiple times with our fire department and then last Saturday AquaEye was part of an inter-agency water rescue exercise. We had 9 agencies and 45 people involved with 9 watercraft. AquaEye worked as advertised and as it should. We are very impressed, but not looking forward to the day we must use it for real. When that does happen we are very comfortable that we should be able to locate someone fairly quickly.


Kevin Swanson

Fire Chief, Brooks Fire Department

July 13, 2020

I see applications for AquaEye® in recovery operations and have recommended the product to police dive teams across the country. With ease of use and ease of care, AquaEye is very user friendly and requires little training.


Jay White

Instructor/Trainer, RCMP National Underwater Recovery Training Centre

June 7, 2019

In 2008 we lost my oldest son to a drowning / boat accident. It took 29 days to recover his body. In 2009 we started The BMF Project to honor our son and to try to ensure no other family had to go through what we did, especially because of lack of equipment. The BMF Project is excited at the possibilities presented by the AquaEye®.

The ease of deployment and use makes it ideal for open water swimming areas. We have trained with the AquaEye with multiple police, fire, and SAR agencies in North Texas, the opportunities to use it in a rescue versus a recovery have become apparent. We have even used it in a recovery situation in which we were able to help bring closure to a family in a matter of minutes. In our opinion, the AquaEye will not only help many families but also keep those willing to sacrifice themselves to help bring our loved one’s home, safer.


Mike Fugate

Founder, The BMF Project

July 3, 2020

AquaEye® was able to quickly locate the victim in what was a difficult search environment. It brought closure to a family much sooner than traditional methods of recovery, and by shortening the search timeline, the device also reduced the time that rescuers were in the danger zone of the pier pylons.

Duck Surf

Mirek Dabrowski

Director, Duck Surf Rescue

February 14, 2021

It’s much faster than trying to do a boat rescue that we’ve done in the past. It [was] just long boat searches without any knowledge of where the subject is. AquaEye actually gives us the coordinates of where that person might be.


Brad Kiggins

Vernon Search and Rescue

July 27, 2021

We purchased AquaEye because we have a 25,000 acre lake, which is inhabited by a lot of visitors in the summertime. AquaEye aids us in helping to search a large body of water and narrows down our search area, which helps us reduce manpower used, helps overhead costs, plus it uses the latest technology.

Lyon County

Randy Wright

Emergency Manager and Dive Team Manager, Lyon County, Kentucky

December 8, 2020

The team scanned the swim course with AquaEye prior to the event to identify any pre-existing targets in the event we lost a swimmer during the race. Having AquaEye on site definitely gave me peace of mind in the off chance we had to search for a missing athlete. I knew we would find them quickly.


AJ Miller

Water Operations, Fetch Water Sports & Safety

June 30th, 2021

This is the perfect tool where lifeguards need to act quickly to recover missing swimmers, or dive teams that need to locate a victim within that golden hour and there is a fairly decent Point Last Seen. This tool does not replace side scan sonar but can allow you to narrow your search time dramatically by ruling out areas. I can think of at least a dozen searches this would have brought us directly to the victim in minutes. 

Gerry Boylan

Public Safety Diver

April 6, 2021

Oceanside Fire Department Lifeguard Division has implemented AquaEye into Code X operations for its speed of identifying submerged persons in open water response areas.  While prevention remains the primary objective in lifesaving, the necessity of swiftly locating a submerged victim for an increased chance of survival is needed. The application of AquaEye into Code X operations can provide a scanned search area and high potential targets by a single rescuer prior to coordinating and initiating multiple rescuer line searches that must systematically clear the search area.  The ability to focus a general search area to a concise position can significantly decrease discovery time of a victim thereby preventing the need to exhaust rescuers and resources.


Blake Faumina

Lieutenant, Oceanside Fire Department, Lifeguard Division

May 25, 2021

AquaEye is a water rescue tool that I hope all lifeguards have in their tool kit. AquaEye can scan a swim area in minutes -finding a person under water much faster than traditional search patterns.

We are supporters of AquaEye and have seen the device in action. We are confident that lifeguards would find rescue targets much faster with AquaEye, helping to keep campers and lifeguards safe.

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Eric Shendelman

Owner, Shendy's Swim School, Past President of Ontario Camps Association, Representative of Canadian Drowning Prevention Coalition