Summer Camp Rental Program

Water activities are the best part of summer camp, but also the most dangerous. AquaEye helps prevent drowning and keeps your waterfront safe. Affordably.

AquaEye - What it does

Drowning Prevention

When a camper goes missing, every second counts. Traditional search methods can take over 10 minutes. AquaEye, a handheld drowning prevention tool uses sonar and AI to search a waterfront area in 1 minute. 

AquaEye sends a sonar pulse out to 50 meters or 165 feet and listens for the return echo. AquaEye then decides which echoes match the echoes from a human and indicates the location of the missing persons on the screen. 

AquaEye can scan nearly an acre of water in under a minute.


Knowing that the best products are used to keep their children safe creates relaxed and happy parents, leading to happy campers and an amazing camp experience. This is the reputation you want for your camp. 

AquaEye is trusted by over 135 water rescue teams in North America and many more teams in Europe, Asia and South America. Designed for waterfront rescue, AquaEye is the only handheld sonar that can keep your campers safe this summer. 



OBX tests new technology for finding missing swimmers


Budgets are tight, and safety is always a priority. Our AquaEye Rental Program is designed for seasonal camps and lifeguards who do not require year-round waterfront protection.




1. Shipping (to and from your camp location)

2. Online training live by Zoom or self-paced online courses

3. SOP Integration Guidance (Standard Operating Procedures)


July 2, 2021

In addition to our current drowning prevention operating guidelines, we now have lifeguards perform AquaEye scans at the start and end of all swimming activities to confirm all are accounted for and safely out of the water.


Rachel Morgan

Summer Director, Camp Farwell