AquaEye App

A SONAR companion app to update firmware and change settings

An All-New App and Firmware Update (Change from meters to feet!)

The VodaSafe and AquaEye team are excited to let you know about something we have been working on for a long time.
We have developed an app for Android devices that allows users to connect to their AquaEye using Bluetooth. The AquaEye app allows you to update your firmware, and change settings on your AquaEye.
Along with the new app we are also releasing a firmware update available to all customers in North America. If your unit has been in for servicing recently you may already have the firmware update.

Change From Meters to Feet

Once you have installed the app, and updated your firmware you will be able to switch the measurement units from meters to feet and back using the app. This is a highly requested feature from our US based customers and we are happy to finally be able to deliver it. 

AquaEye Target Display Feet

Get Started

We’ve created a few videos to walk you through the process, and have the instructions below. FAQ is at the bottom of the page.

Installing the App –

Updating the Firmware-

Switching from Meters to Feet:

Download the App

The app is available in the Google Play Store – simply search for AquaEye. You can also click this link to take you to it:

AquaEye App Feature Graphic

Instructions and Guides

PDF Guide/Instructions: CLICK HERE


Installing the App –

Updating the Firmware-

Switching from Meters to Feet:



Is the app available for all device types?
To use the app, you will need access to an Android device with Bluetooth and internet connectivity. If you need to borrow a device, you should only need the device for the firmware update process and to select your preferred unit for distance measurement – meters or feet. Currently the device is not available to access from an Apple device. Please get in touch if you do not have an Android device, nor access to one to borrow for the update, we may be able to ship a loaner device.
How long will the firmware update take?
The firmware update will take between 3 and 20 minutes. When you start the firmware update the app will indicate expected time to completion. Please ensure your device has sufficient battery to complete the update and that you can keep the device close to your AquaEye.
Is everyone receiving this firmware update and access to the AquaEye App?
All of our customers in North America will be able to download the app and have access to this firmware. We wanted all our customers to have access to these new features. As has been the case in the past, future firmware updates will likely be restricted to those customers who have purchased service plans or an extended warranty. 
What do I do if I am unsure of what to do, or am having an issue?
Get a hold of us! We would love to help and get feedback on the process. We have extensively tested the app and the firmware and are excited to get it out to you. We want our customers to be successful and satisfied. Please let us know when you have installed the app and updated the firmware successfully.


We want our customers to have success
Use the buttons, our contact page, or email for support with the app, firmware update, or changing units.

We have loaner Android devices to ship you (pending availability). Click the button above to email us a request.