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VodaSafe is committed to supplying water rescuers with the best possible tools.

Copper Collar

Copper Collar Group, LLC

Copper Collar Group, LLC is a proud partner of VodaSafe Inc. – the developers of AquaEye®.  Copper Collar Group is a worldwide provider of customized dive training, hyperbaric chamber support and technical consulting. Copper Collar Group has partnered with VodaSafe to develop comprehensive curriculum that guides emergency responders to recover victims utilizing AquaEye® safely and efficiently. The team at Copper Collar Group are proven leaders with vast experience leading high-risk military diving operations, building and training teams, and flat-out getting it done. Copper Collar Group along with AquaEye® will train your team in the proper use of AquaEye®, resulting in safer and more effective recovery operations. 

Vogt CTE


Vogt-CTE is a forward-thinking company dedicated to providing top-quality products to their customers in the Military and Public Safety sectors. Vogt-CTE has expertise in trading and sales, consulting, and training primarily to the firefighting and rescue industry. Vogt-CTE is an approved AquaEye® Master Distributor, selling to and supporting, dealers throughout Europe.

The Lifesaving Society

The Lifesaving Society

The Lifesaving Society is pleased to partner with VodaSafe Inc. in its development of AquaEye®. The Lifesaving Society provided support and resources during the research and development phase and was pleased to become a distributor of AquaEye®. The Lifesaving Society, through its online store, provides a comprehensive selection of equipment and supplies required to operate safe aquatic facilities and training programs – all guided by 100 years of knowledge and experience as the lifeguarding experts.

Barrier Waterman LLC

Barrier Waterman LLC

Barrier Waterman LLC is proud to partner with Vodasafe Inc. – the developers of AquaEye® – and the Lifesaving Society Ontario. Barrier Waterman LLC is an ambassador for AquaEye® in the USA and is devoted to putting AquaEye® into the hands of as many rescuers as possible to minimize the amount of trauma not only to families, but to rescuers alike. Barrier Waterman LLC has formed a team of industry experts to provide a wealth of information with regards to water rescue and recovery. In water rescue every second counts. They are committed to the goal of making the difficult process of water rescue & recovery as simple and effective as possible while reducing the need for costly additional resources.

Rescue Canada

Rescue Canada

Rescue Canada is proud to work with VodaSafe Inc. Rescue Canada uses research- based and industry-leading curriculum, providing the highest standard of training.

Rescue Canada

Unity Aviation Inc.

Unity Aviation is an authorized AquaEye® distributor and approved to sell and support AquaEye throughout Southeast Asia. Unity has a strong background in the Military Aerospace sector and has long-standing relationships with security, military, and paramilitary agencies throughout Asia, including Search and Rescue and other marine water rescue organizations.


FRSA – Fire Rescue Safety Australia

Fire Rescue Safety Australia Pty Ltd (FRSA) are an Emergency Response Industry specialist, offering a unique approach to doing business with their partners across the Asia Pacific region and beyond. In their focus to provide the most innovative and effective products to Australia, FRSA are excited to distribute the water rescue and victim recovery tool, AquaEye. Australians use the water extensively and have deeply entrenched water rescue and victim recovery teams. AquaEye can aid these teams in making their water rescue faster, safer, and more efficient.

Rescue Canada

Shree Lalita

Shree Lalita has partnered with VodaSafe to distribute AquaEye to water rescue and recovery teams in India. Shree Lalita has a long history of supplying Fire Rescue and Disaster Management teams with rescue equipment across the country, including water rescue, height safety, and search and rescue equipment. Shree Lalita is excited to see teams in India embrace AquaEye and make their water rescue and victim recovery fast, safe and more efficient. .

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We want to help as many water-rescue teams as we can.  Our partner programs are designed for those who work with, train or sell to water rescue professionals. Contact us to learn how we can help introduce AquaEye® to your customer base.