Handheld Sonar

Fast, safe, intelligent water rescue 

Handheld intelligent sonar to quickly locate humans in the water.

AquaEye is an advanced underwater scanner, using the latest in ultrasound and artificial intelligence technologies to search nearly an acre of water in under a minute.

Water rescue and recovery teams are investing in AquaEye for three reasons:

  • Fast: Speed up rescues and recoveries
  • Safe: Increase Team Safety
  • Intelligent: Interprets sonar data for you

We received another call to assist with a recovery. AquaEye narrowed it down for the dive team, quickly and efficiently. AquaEye has made a huge change to things here and how our county does water rescue. 

Luke Bradley

Lieutenant, Liberty Township Fire Department

I’ve personally tested AquaEye in all kinds of water. It has few limitations. Bottom line is it works great! The time, money, and liability this saves FAR outweighs the surprisingly small price tag! I’ve been diving since 1986 and a PSD since 2005.

Scott Johanson

Public Safety Diver

Trusted by hundreds of First-Response Teams around the world

AquaEye is used by: US Navy Seals, Fire Rescue Teams, Public Safety Divers, Lifeguards and Law Enforcement

AquaEye Customer Map